Queen Esther

Cast Bronze, 2004
24" x 12" x 39"

My twin sista was still in de slave holdin' place waiting to be executed for choppin' her master in half, yeah she did, right down the middle. Hit sho' was a horrible sight, all that blood and mess. They say she was butcherin' a big ol' hog at de time dis happened.

Here I be now justa totin' all de wood for de peoples dat own me.

People says me and my sista is de prettiest t'ings on dis earth, look lak African queens and all. If dat so, why we lives so bad? I mean why's we treated like animals and t'ings?

Dis kinlin' so heavy it makes my neck and back ache somethin' awful. I cain't even lay straight at night when I tries to sleep. I cain't talk loud 'bout my trials and tribulations cause I'll get whipped.

The Lawd give everyone a way to 'spress deyselves. Me, I puts t'ings on me, sewed or tied to the hem of my coattails, jus like a crab dat sticks stuff on him back and makes dat his home. I speck dat's me alright, jus' like dat ol' crab.