The Land Beneath her Feet

Cast Bronze, 2006
16" x 12" x 12"

She often thought the land was moving under her feet, but dismissed it as her being somewhat delirious from the heat and from bending over for such a long time, with the blood rushing to her head. This seems to have become her permanent posture, legs locked, body folded from the middle. As in most of the South, Vicksburg this time of year was like being in hell. It's been somewhat of a mystery how her people withstood such punishing heat for hundreds of years.

Here we see Anndell McLemore looking toward the sky as if taking orders from an invisible force that she is accustomed to obeying. Where she lives, people of color are forever seen carrying things on their hip, their back or on their heads, in other words, they are human beasts of burden, forever tied to labor, which is given freely to the building of the country. Within the pouch that resembles a ghost-like face with a hideous expression, there are numerous objects which she describes as pieces of dark times, sparkles from stars, memories of glory, and softspoken stories. Her hands gesture toward you as if to say, "Hyah, child dis will make you feel mo' betta."