Who Dat?

Cast Bronze, 2007
27" X 10" X 24"

Who dat comin' through darktown, hummin' to the soun' of de wheels o' dat ole rickety cart she pushin'? I sho ain't in a hurry to see who she be, cuz white folks jus' lef' hyar a while ago, an' t'ings here still burnin' down. De smolderin' corn in de storehouse places still be cracklin' an' a-poppin, an' I can smell feathers an' meat from our animals dat's been kilt by fire an' gunshot.

Who dat all bent and bony? Jes' a-pushin' an' a-shovin' dat ole cart wid somethin' raggedy pokin' its' hollow eyes from side to side, as if laughin' at us hidin' burned-out negroes.

Who dat po' t'ing t'ink she is? Wid her straw hat cocked on her fo'head, actin' like she know where she goin'? Our whole town be burnin' down, an' no tellin' when dose aeroplanes be flyin' back here, droppin dem bombs to finish us off fer good.

Who dat reaching down, pullin' ole torn army clothes back on de cart , keeping de legs an' arms and weapons as much in place as she can. Dat ole soupbowl helmet don't shine no mo', an' dat ole barkin' gun all broken up an' shamed in front of de big-eyed pighead, actin' dead, an' not sayin' nothin'.

Who dat walkin' pas' me now? Smellin' like de sulphurs from hell. Leavin' dis here sundown town to simper in ashes of brown flesh and singed aspirations.

Who dat she so lovin'ly pushin' through dis town o' fire and pay no heed to dem dat jus' might return an' finish us off any time now?
Dat t'ing she be pushin' is de military suit o' her dead soljuh-husban' who got kilt in Germa' fightin' fer de safety o' dis country.