Maria's Walk

Cast Bronze, 2006
12" X 25" X 31"

Who is this slender woman walking briskly with her extended stride-she is elegantly dressed, and pulls along a miniature open wagon-it seems to be an expensive toy. The contents of her wagon are out-of-the-ordinary things, objects that draw one's attention, begging to be examined. There are a variety of shapes and textures-they do not seem either handmade or manufactured, rather they seem to have arisen from a surreal world, much like dolls or animal toys which could possibly come alive. She nonchalantly moves with long strides as if she knows the exact destination of her journey.

Those whom I've spoken with state that she is often seen about the town, moving quickly through main streets and alleyways, and even in the bordering countryside. Her well-dressed frame and beautiful silver coiffeur suggest that she is a well-bred Creole woman. In my further inquiries, it was known that no one was able to converse with her. If an attempt was made, she would only glance into your eyes, smile, and hurry on her way. Inquisitive law enforcement agents would attempt to inspect her wheeled baggage, but on approaching, they withdrew their hands in a hurried fashion, and waved her on.

As time passed, and she became a familiar figure in this area, certain gossip began to circulate about her. No suitors seemed to be interested in this lovely woman, for no one knew where she came from or where she dwelled. Until this day, all that is known of her is a vague description of her cargo, which included small bags wrapped in string, an assortment of various bones, conical-shaped scraps of cloth, pieces of war implements and small roughly fabricated dolls. I believe her existence was a method of prophesying or communicating something about the present state of human society.