2D Works

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Please, No Mo' Dancin'.jpg

Please, No Mo' Dancin'.jpg

Please, No Mo' Dancin'.jpg

Rescuing the Dead
Recipe for Baked Possum
Priscilla's Sketchbook

Son of Sunset

Strikebreaker, 1904

The Wedding


Rev. C.T. Vivian's Incarceration

In Search of Miss Dine

Innocent Series

Esther and Izzy, after the Pogroms

Birth of a Nation

Deanna's Showbiz Dreams

WWI Bones

The Mystery of My Little Red Hen

The Legacy

The Jonahman

The Fishing Party

Swamp Vision, 1850

Shirley and Pearlie's Fantasy Escape

Out of Savannah, Georgia

Y'all Best Stop Dancin'

Worlds Divided

Sisters, 1908


Decatur Red Being Good



In Defense of Deerman

Hong Kong & Ollie


Miss Goodlady

Soiled Hanky

Remember the Amistad

Passin' to Freedom Through the Dismal