Six Fingers

Cast Bronze, 2006
14" X 16" X 32"

She sits there as if in a contented shock, only partially conscious of what is taking place around her. The ravenous child-like beings that attach themselves to her are the products of rapes by her slave master and his sons and brothers. They move over her body like jackals devouring their prey. Their being children of her own flesh and blood unleashes her motherly instincts to feed, raise and nurture them, no matter how much they strip the flesh from her soul.

Through the inbreeding encounters she has given birth to a variety of children that are of many colors, shapes, and with varying abnormalities. The children are seen devouring a helpless impregnated prey that sits quietly and does not notice the psychological life leaving her body. They tear at her flesh, seeking sustenance with their six-fingered claws. They do not sense the sorrow and pain that is reflected through her strong, beautiful, but sad eyes. Their predatory behavior stems from their being the children of those who own their mother who is treated like a domestic beast of the field, generation after generation.